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We provide quality lending and make customer service a priority to streamline your borrowing experience and get you the money you need to live your best life.

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We provide clients with the understanding, tools and also power to decide on a far better mortgage refinance and lending solutions. We are RateLock.ca and our experts are your champs at bringing you the right solutions. Streamline your Mortgage Refinance or Home Equity Loans process and reclaim your confidence, Enjoy considerable savings. Best refinance rates on call.

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"We used RateLock.ca to arrange to finance for our first home purchase. They helped us not only find a lender but also to navigate the rules and programs for first-time buyers in BC. All at a fast pace. Highly recommended."

- Gary L

"We would highly recommend ratelock.ca. They gave us excellent advice and more importantly got us the money."

- Ramlu. S

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