With Little To No Change To Income or Spending Habits!</b><br>Little known mortgage concept pioneered in Australia that US banks don't want homeowners to know about will be revealed in seminars presented by Money Principal Group</i><br><br>

Portland, OR (MP 02/17/06) - Utilizing the flexible mortgage account concept pioneered in Australia, mortgage education and loan company <b>Money Principal Group of Utah </b>has produced a patent-pending mortgage home loan program entitled <b>"The MPG Mortgage Eliminator." </b><br><br>

Homeowners and future first-time homebuyers can learn about <b>The MPG Mortgage Eliminator</b> through a series of seminars from Money Principal Group, presented live as well as through web-based andtelephone-based seminars.  Webinars and teleseminars are available to those that aren't able to attend the live seminars in their area.<br><br>

"We are conducting these seminars and presentations to reveal to homeowners the closely guarded knowledge on how to 'be their own bank.'  Homeowners can 'be their own bank' through combining their home mortgage and bank account into ONE account and can see TREMENDOUS savings over the life of their mortgage,"  says Ed Bisquera, representative for Money Principal Group.  "It's a simple concept based on mortgage cycling and simple time-tested cash flow principles.  Really what this accomplishes, is reduce the effects of compound interest and returns the interest spread banks normally earn, back into the pockets of homeowners." <br><br>

The basis of the program is to show homeowners how to use their mortgage as an all-in-one bank account, which can help them to pay off their home in as little as 7 years, with very little change to current household income or spending habits. <br><br>

This concept has helped over sixty percent of homeowners in Australia achieve this where it was originally pioneered by Citibank over 30 years ago.  The flexible mortgage account is now a widely popular mortgage concept in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, South Africa and Canada. <br><br>

People interested in these seminars should call or visit the website to reserve a spot, as the seminars fillup quickly due to its' popularity and are limited to a small attendance. <br><br>

A schedule of future seminars and a reservation can be requested by calling a free recorded message hotline at 1-800-862-0784 ext. 12 or by visiting their website at http://www.PDXLoan.com/12/.