If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker and you are considering buying mortgage leads, try to stay away from the leads that are being recycled.

Leads that are being recycled have often gone through the hands of literally dozens of loan officers before landing on your desk.

The chances of closing the deal on leads like these are slim to none.

A lot of lead companies buy their leads in bulk from third party companies and than sell them to loan officers at a profit.

Try to steer clear of lead companies such as these.

Before you invest in a mortgage lead company, it is very important to do your research.

So while you are doing your research, look for the lead companies that obtain their leads through web sites they own and operate on their own.

Also, look to see how they sell them. In real time, and, or exclusively. This is usually a good indication that the company is obtaining leads on their own, and that the quality of the lead is good.

Definitely make it a point to call and speak with someone in their customer service department. Ask specific questions about how they obtain their leads.

If you are not happy with the answers they give you, than move onto the next lead company.

If you are not happy with customer service, than most likely you will not be happy with leads.